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The Earthwork Calculation Specialists

Earthwork Calculations specializes in earthwork quantity takeoffs for engineers and contractors. We use industry leading software to get you the most accurate results.

Over 20 Years of Experience

Earthwork Calculations Group works with contractors, engineers, architects and owners to provide quantity takeoffs, graphics and feasibility studies for projects around the world. Our work has been utilized from Alaska and Hawaii, from the west coast to the east coast as well as Guam and Europe. If it has to do with moving dirt then we have experience with it.

2 Day Turnaround

Costs Starting at $100

The price of your earthwork report depends on the size and complexity of your project but average costs of a project range from as low as $100 to around $300. We can work with you on your project no matter what stage it is currently in. From conceptual design to verification of quantities after excavation has already started, we can help you get the information you need to move your project forward successfully.

Our Capabilities

Earthwork Takeoffs

Get quality takeoff reports for your project complete with full color graphics and a breakdown of areas and volumes for all of the specifics for your job including stripping, paving, strata, rock or unsuitable layers.

Highways and Cross Sections

We can calculate volumes for highway or road projects from traditional grading plans as well as from cross sections. We can address complex staging for large traffic control aspects of highway projects and create reports such as mass haul diagrams.

Over Excavation and Backfill

We calculate a project the same way it will be built taking into account the needed over excavation and backfill that will be required to build any below grade structure. We also can calculate sub-strata layers of different materials such as rock or unsuitable materials. You can have confidence that your report will give you a complete picture of the earthwork needed for your job.

Reports and Graphics

We provide detailed reports and meaningful graphics that help communicate the volumes areas and complexity of your project. See below for some sample of the reports and graphics that you will receive.

Residential / Commercial / Highway

We calculate earthwork for every type of project. Single Family homes, multifamily, subdivision, commercial, industrial, roads and highways, heavy civil and beyond. We have experience working on projects from around the world. Our takeoffs can include calculating strata layers and unsuitable material as well as calculating highways from cross sections.

Sample Work

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